14 Jun


Sunday I went to the rally held in downtown Oakland protesting the release of Johannes Mehserle , the Bart cop who murdered Oscar Grant in front of crowds transiting through Fruitvale Station early morning New Years day 2009. I am a recent resident of California and an even more recent resident of Oakland. I live in the Fruitvale area and I was sickened and saddened the more I came to know about this particular miscarriage of justice. All the same, and I hate to say it, but this is not anything new.  Desensitization is at an all time high and  I can say from personal experience that the barrage of blatant abuses of our human and civil rights can be numbing. It seems like every time I turn around there is another story about police brutality. Another life gone. Another exclusive clip taken from a security camera or cell phone of the police beating the crap out of young black and brown men and women ,or a wheelchair bound drunks, or in instances like the tragedy that took place at the Fruitvale Bart, murdering unarmed civilians. Being someone who has felt outrage concerning the wrongful deaths  and beatings of my people at the hands of thugs with badges,  and the system’s disregard for the value of our LIVES,  I wanted to go and be a physical presence at this event.

It was peaceful with few casualties, as I believe there were a few arrests made during the march to downtown.  The experience was phenomenal for the most part. There were some low points. There were a few folks that seemed motivated to grab the mic for personal gain rather than being genuinely moved by the sentiment of the occasion. Mistah Fab was pretty much booed during his whole speech and the crowd momentarily dipped into bicker mode when a young man stepped to the mic calling people out for getting on Mistah Fab’s case. Overall I picked up on a sense of people wanting to feel the heat and fire of protest but not necessarily wanting to listen to people who stepped to the podium and spoke with general calm and introspection.

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29 May
So I spotted this picture on somebody’s tumblr that I thought was really ill and upon clicking the original link was transported to the blog of Carnalus Vidal, and got my mind blown wide open. First things first, Vidal is an erotic photographer and with that being said his work is breathtaking…..in more ways than one. Genuinely arousing and beautiful work. I think I love him.

Penetration of Light





MUSEic: Casey Hurt

31 Mar

I had the privilege of interviewing the supremely talented singer-songwriter Casey Hurt for YNLA Mag. This dude is a problem, he’s got a jazzy, soulful, acoustic thing going on and if you love any of those genres or just good music in general, you definitely need to know who he is. His new album Mended Souls will be dropping April 9th. SUPPORT TRUE ARTISTS! You can read my interview with him here. Below is a sexy little number off of his new album entitled Sing To You. Enjoy……


30 Mar

Been taking the photography a little more seriously and actually getting out to do some test shots. Right now I have no formal training, but I’ve been working on subject matter and composition. Lighting and other techniques will come later. I’m working with a Nikon Cool Pix, so the quality isn’t that great, but I still like the end results. These were taken a couple of months ago during my first stroll down Telegraph Ave in Oakland.  Oakland has a beautiful street art culture. There’s so much passion and creativity on display on trash cans, walls, newspaper dispensers; it’s very inspiring. The imagery in these three pieces was very powerful to me. I have an affinity for R.I.P murals as morbid as that might be. You can sense the love that goes into the creation of something like that. It’s truly a monumental way to honor the passing of a loved one, and everyone who has the chance to view that feels that energy in one way or another. This is an ongoing series so I’l be posting more pics soon. 

Artist Unknown


Artist Unknown


R.I.P Anthony Fossett

EYEGASM: Sex Tape [Deftones]

26 Mar

Directed by ZFCL this is one of the most interesting and beautiful pieces of cinematic artistry I’ve seen. Their website is dope too. They make my inner candy kid very happy.

ART BY: Mitsy Avila Ovalles

24 Mar

March 18th, The California Institute of Integral studies ended it’s exhibit ChicaChic/La Nueva Onda, The New Wave of Chicana Art. Promotional posters had been plastered up all over Oakland Bart stations since early February and every time I saw them I stopped.

Conceptually, the show looked like it would be phenomenal. Consisting of works from five contemporary Chicana artists, the pieces featured articulated the perspectives of these young women raised in the Bay area on the heels of the Chicano Civil Rights movement. Issues of culture, identity, power, protest, race, gender, and sexuality would be explored by this eclectic and talented group of female artists. I could dig it. 

I’ve always been fascinated by people, the ways they choose to express themselves, and the things these expressions tell us, the things we interpret about that person. From their style of dress to the peculiarities of dialect, the gait in their walk to the staple foods of their diet; we form the picture of who people are from these things. Yet this is only the superficial and sometimes misleading outer dermis that protects the more subtle and less controlled inner mechanisms. I never made the time to go and see the artwork, procrastination is a mutha, but in conducting some research I found the artist whose work  on the posters drew the bulk of my interest . Her name is Mitsy Avila Ovalles. After reading her blog I knew there was a reason I liked her.On top of being ill with the art, Ms. Ovalles is pretty witty, and shares my musical sensibilities. Like attracts like, no? Below are some of my favorite digital drawings from her portfolio courtesy of her site which is here. Check her blog here.

E40 by Mitsy Avila Ovalles

E40 by Mitsy Avila Ovalles


Nancy by Mitsy Avila Ovalles

Nancy by Mitsy Avila Ovalles

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King Me…….

9 Mar


I saw this picture today and it’s one of those images that I just…….like. I could go on about the symbolism, the underlying themes, and all that but I’m currently working on a writing project right now so I’ll just keep it short and sweet. When I see this picture I think of  the fact that love is often times a battlefield, requiring a fierce weilding of the intellect that guards one’s heart from those unworthy to possess it. If love be a battlefield, be wise about your opponent. As you would in a game of chess…….