California Dreamin…..

21 Jun

 Found these dope photos by RJ Shaughnessy from his set entitled “Oakland”. They struck me because Oakland will soon be my city of residence and I’m more than ready to get out there. I’ve never lived anywhere outside of North Carolina so I figured I better do it big if I was going to do it at all. I had been thinking about making a move to the west coast for a while, about a year,  and I had a coversation with a co-worker in May that changed my life.   See I had put a very precise plan into place that involved me waiting around for another year or two, getting an apartment and saving up money to move. I mentioned something about trying to wait for the ‘right time’ and she says, “You know it will never be the right time as long as you stay, we both know this place is a black hole. Sometimes you just gotta get up and go.” and I thought to myself, “You know what, she’s right.” You’d have to be from my city to understand , but what she said hit home. Don’t get me wrong Fayetteville is cool, the experience of growing up in a military town has been valuable to me. I grew up with kids from all 50 states, of all different nationalities, all bringing a little somthing different to the table. On the flip side, Fayetteville is a place of many stuggles; poverty, violence, racism (despite all the multi-culturalness) just to name a few. My biggest dilemma is that the city just isn’t designed to support someone who wants to grow professionally in the arts or entertainment industries. The biggest vocational opportunities down here are in the armed forces, or any technical field like nursing or electrical engineering. To be honest, the thought of moving so far away from my homebase makes me a little apprehensive but, I believe that risk-taking is a necessity for a life well lived.


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