Why is the world ugly when you made it in your image?

22 Jun

Goodness, I’ve been gut-checked.  Music is powerful my friends, of course that is something that’s been understood since man first learned how to communicate through utterances of sound. Since MTV blasted off in 81′ , videos have become an equally powerful component in completing the arc of masterful storytelling. The video for ‘Dear God 2.0’ is one of those pieces of beautifully filmed and poetically conceptualized artistry that sends shivers up and down my spine. It’s something about the cold red glow washing over the streets,  the tattered and stained uniforms of the young stick up kids, Jim James’s melancholy tinged expression, the fluid motion of the outside world floating by as we hitch a ride to nowhere in particular , and the hazy lights going in and out of focus much like the fluctuating sense of security the average human being feels on any given day in this crazy world. All of these elements blend immaculately to create the schizoid ambiance of an introspective city night spent searching for GOD, searching for the beauty in the ugliness………


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