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Word to Melody Ehsani……

30 Jul

I’ve been taking a hiatus from all things electronic. Sitting in front of my computer for more than 4 hours a day had begun to take its due toll on me. I am in love with the culture fad/phenomenon known as blogging and I will always be in love with words and thus eager to write, but I am falling deeply out of love with my desk chair. Me and social networking sites have already divided the cars, house and I just went ahead and gave up custody of the kids. I’m tired of doing everything electronically, especially networking.

I live for the unpredictable high that is spontaneous parle. I am a connoisseur of conversation and to me the internet is like bourbon in a plastic cup. For the average liquor consumer bourbon in a plastic cup is no big deal, it get’s you right like is supposed to. However, for the liquor connoisseur to truly do right by their bourbon, to truly experience the full and complex flavor and aroma of their poison of choice , it’s got to come in a snifter.

Right now, it’s about reconnecting with life. I haven’t been on Facebook, twitter, vodpod, YouTube, MySpace, or this site in a while….and I don’t really miss it…okay maybe a little, but the point is I’m taking the time to explore and rediscover the world around me, and it feels real good.  I’ve hit somewhat of a creative roadblock but I’m not even mad because I’m ready to see what the detour has in store. 

The inspiration for this rambling of a post is none other than the luminescent visionary Melody Ehsani. During the course of my late-night Google hunt I came across an interview of her on The Style Philosophy. The interviewer asked Ms. Ehsani what age she was she began her business, this is what she said:

“Twenty-six. Its important for women to do very deep soul searching right now. We’re in such an amazing time period, where the equilibrium of the world is shifting power, up to now men have ruled the world by way of force and dominance (things they’re naturally more gifted in), and we’re entering the age of intuition and heightened mental perception (things women are more naturally gifted in). So now more than ever we (women) have to step up and JUST BE WHO WE WERE CREATED TO BE. This is a really difficult thing, because it means that we can’t operate from a place of history, and we have to create positions in the world that have never existed before. So I recommend that women do their inner work, and figure out what their place is…and once you reconnect with what authentically feels familiar, even though there might be opposition from the ones closest to you initially, the Universe will support your divine blueprint.”

She took me to church, and you know it’s good when I feel like I’ve got to write about it.  There is no doubt in my mind that reading this statement was part of my divine blueprint. I’m moving from North Carolina to California on September 3rd of this year. I came to the conclusion that if I was serious about starting my career, I had to surround myself with a different type of energy, a place where my dreams weren’t so out of reach. More than that, I just needed to go away to find myself, take myself completely out of my comfort zone and away from the good intentions of those who love me and think they know what I need.  After returning  my hometown for almost two years, I feel that my time to cocoon is  complete. I’m ready to explore and reconnect with the world and people around me with new eyes and a fresh perspective. I’ve  spent a great deal of time separating the contents of my mind and emptying out all the bull that’s taking up space. Like an empty stomach, my only desire is to be full and I’m hungry to fill myself with that which I have yet to discover. Earlier tonight I made a vow that I would allow myself two years in which my main priorities would be to re-focus, re-learn, re-train, be re- inspired, and most importantly make connections.  When that period of time ends I know I will have an even  clearer direction than I do currently of where I want to go in this life and how I’m going to get there. How old will I be when I’m ready to take over the world?  I found it oddly inspiring that at the end of my sabbatical, I’ll be the same age as Melody was when she layed the foundation for her visionary empire. Twenty-six…..


Why I Can’t Ride With ‘Shawt Bus Shawty’

14 Jul

By now you’ve probably seen “Shawt Bus Shawty” the video which parodies southern hip-hop hot boys, Gucci Mane,Wacka Flocka Flame, and OJ Da Juice Man. If you haven’t had the pleasure peep the video below and then I’ll continue, if you’ve already seen it just jump down and read…….

Though the above video got a few chuckles out of me, overall, it left me feeling a bit confounded. Sure OJ, Flocka, and Gucci aren’t exactly in the same realm lyrically as a Black Thought, Mos or a Talib but I felt the representation of them as drooling, innarticulate, mentally handicapped bafoons was a bit too much. To me this video is a symptom of a larger problem that has plagued Black America for far too long. It’s as old as the division between field niggers and house niggers as new as the division between hip-hop and rap; intelligence and consciousness vs ignorance and cooning within the lexicon of hip hop.

OJ, Flocka, and Gucci serve as the main entertainers in this animated minstrel show, the coons on display and their stupidity is served up on a golden platter as fodder for our comedic appetites, I mean for god sakes OJ can’t even say the word banana , Gucci drools for pretty much the duration of the video and Flocka can’t even say his ABC’s correctly…..right?   I can’t say that I’m a fan of OJ and Flocka. I do like Gucci though, I’ve liked him ever since ‘So Icy’, but I digress. I know people who listen to the likes of OJ, Flocka and Gucci and I couldn’t help but think about them everytime laughter tried to force its way up my belly and out of my mouth. I wondered about my peoples who identify with these particular musicians, my peoples who grew up on the other side of town, my peoples whose experiences in life may have varied , if only slightly, from my own, my peoples who talk with more of a twang than I do, and my peoples who may have a different perspective than my own but certainly aren’t of lesser intelligence. I wondered if they would find ‘Shawt Bus Shawty’ as funny as someone who didn’t really respect or understand the personal history and socio-economic conditions that played a part in shaping the artistic personas of these men . Continue reading


10 Jul

All I can think about is moving out west, that’s ALL I think about right now, I try not to think about it too much because I don’t want to hype it up in my mind, then get out there and be dissapointed, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. How do I know? Cause The Memorials told me so……….. 

INTROducing: TokyoBombay

9 Jul

When I decided to cease posting on my former blog, I did so with the intent that the next site I created would be more in line with my orginal intent for beginning a blog in the first place. My vision was to create a space that explored and celebrated the creative spirit, finding and posting that which I deemed to be artistic expression in it’s purest form. The only thing more important than art, is the people who create it and the audience for whom they create, and I wanted it to be as much about the people as it was about the art itself.  When I began my journey in blogging I became active on social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook and found myself coming into contact with creators from coast to coast. Entrepreneurs, poets, dancers, designers, writers, painters, singers, and emcees all became part of my network; hungry artiststs, like myself, who took notice of me and reached out, in the hopes that I would notice them too and reach back. I must admit that I became blinded by my own eagerness to gain a following, to compete with the many sites already in existence in the blogosphere garnering more attention than my own. In that state I began to loose focus, I began to overlook the many who had come into my field of vision for  people and things that were a little more ‘high profile’ and would generate more pageviews. I began to conform and needless to say, I couldn’t continue on in that mode of thought for too long.  I told myself that with La Bombe Baby, I would not allow myself to go back to that place and that this time I was going to do it right, do it my way. Enter TokyoBombay. I came across this young man on Twitter after becoming curious about a particular tweet of his urging people to check out his new blog and join and/or support “The Hunger Movement”. I checked it out and immediately felt the pang of recognition one feels when they come into the presence of a kindred spirit. This supremely talented young artist, game developer, fashion designer, AND graphic designer shared a vision very similar to my own. He was sending out a impassioned S.O.S. to all other artists; young, gifted and hungry artists.  He wanted to connect with them, he wanted to put them on, he wanted to claim his place in this world and he wanted his brothers and sisters in arms right by his side. TokyoBombay is a man equipped with a drive and creativity that is as admirable as it is inspiring and he is on a mission that I have no doubt he will fufill to the highest degree. He is the first person that I have had the opportunity to interview for this site and quite frankly I don’t think I could’ve found a more perfect representative of what La Bombe Baby is all about. It is with great pleasure, esteem, and excitement that I introduce to you, TokyoBombay……..

LBB: Alright, brother first off I want to say that I’m very excited to be talking to you right now. You’re “Hunger Movement” is something that I identify very strongly with and I definitely want to delve deeper into that but first things first, introductions. What’s your name, where are you from and what do you represent?

TB: No doubt, that’s what it is…well I go By the Name TokyoBombay and I’m from NYC, the Bronx and Harlem both places I was raised in and I represent that new wave of true talent in both a physical and intellectual aspect. I represent that hunger to get better and all the while wow you with my already present work. I represent a  vicissitude in the art scene to where its time for the old gods of this industry to fall and the new wave of talent to step up. I represent change.

LBB: I know that’s right, that’s a pretty powerful statement. I’m intrigued by the fact that, for you, the expression of your talent manifests both in the physical and intellectual. Can you explain that concept to me a little further, what is your concept of “intellectual talent”?

TB: Well to me its an understanding of the connection (due to the fact that I’m an artist), between the pencil strokes you use and the effect it will have on the eye or just the understanding that there is a lot of manifesting that goes into art.

LBB: Manifesting of ideas, thoughts, emotions and the like?

TB: Yes… exactly

Continue reading


8 Jul

Dopeness from my favorite Kennedy. Dom just dropped the video for 1997 off From The Westside With Love. One man, one woman, one Mercedes, open desert. Director Matty Barnes doesn’t kill us with meaningless filler, just some nice atmospheric visuals to compliment the laid back elegance of the track and Dom’s always euphonious flow. Peep it……

INSPIRATION: Liz Kasameyer aka Bukutgirl

7 Jul

One day, as I was browsing an online photography tutorial about portraits, I found myself intrigued by a featured image credited with the name ‘Bukutgirl’  After doing further research, I found that this ‘Bukutgirl’ was  Liz Kasameyer of Baltimore, MD. Her portrait work was featured on the 6 Million People blog . This blog was a photo project designed to give tribute to the 6 million Jewish men, women and children who lost their lives in the Holocaust by the collection and posting of 6 million portraits from the best of Flickr. Ms. Kasameyer was artist spotlight number 7 ,week 17. Off to Flickr I went in search of more pieces from her collection and I fell in love . I was also fascinated by the fact that she had no aspirations of having a career in photography. You can read her interview, where she explains more about that here.

She and those like her are my deepest passion and greatest source of inspiration,  the reason this blog exists. Those who are creating not for fame or fortune, but out of the deep desire to express themelves and share with others. Not to diss those who choose art as their vocation, but I’ve always admired the Picasso-next-do0r types. Those brilliantly creative souls who are perfectly content to remain below the radar.

 In my opinion,photography is so special because it is the reflection of beauty, ugliness, and everything in between passing through the eye of the beholder being reflected back at us. It is the majesty of the natural world captured and frozen in time. We live on GOD’S canvas, and everything that exists within it is extraordinary in ways that every eye is not trained to see.  We could all look at the same thing, but no two people will ever see that thing in the same way. Looking  at the world through Ms. Kasameyer’s eyes is……………

Teenagers by Bukutgirl

Orange Polka by Bukutgirl

Yet Another Liz Falling From Grace by Bukutgirl

Block Fire by Bukutgirl

My Home In East Baltimore by Bukutgirl

Light Tongue by Bukutgirl

Untitled by Bukutgirl

Untitled by Bukutgirl

Permanent Monday by Bukutgirl

Little Hons by Bukutgirl

Winter Sun Setting in a Tulip by Bukutgirl

The Girls Hold Up Traffic by Bukutgirl

Dawn in the Alley by Bukutgirl

Winter Tulips by Bukutgirl

Summer time in Pigtown by Bukutgirl

Junkyard Doll by Bukutgirl

See more dopeness from her here

Why Don’t You Just Get Some Money and Go To Jail?

6 Jul

Me and my homegirl were just singing ‘Back In The Day’ by Ahmad yesterday at work, and as I blog cruised for inspiration today I found out my boy is droppin another album ,The Death of Me , sometime this summer. Will cop. Check his new vid. Don’t let the hilariousness of it all fool you……MESSAGE!

Big ups ghettomanga