INSPIRATION: Liz Kasameyer aka Bukutgirl

7 Jul

One day, as I was browsing an online photography tutorial about portraits, I found myself intrigued by a featured image credited with the name ‘Bukutgirl’  After doing further research, I found that this ‘Bukutgirl’ was  Liz Kasameyer of Baltimore, MD. Her portrait work was featured on the 6 Million People blog . This blog was a photo project designed to give tribute to the 6 million Jewish men, women and children who lost their lives in the Holocaust by the collection and posting of 6 million portraits from the best of Flickr. Ms. Kasameyer was artist spotlight number 7 ,week 17. Off to Flickr I went in search of more pieces from her collection and I fell in love . I was also fascinated by the fact that she had no aspirations of having a career in photography. You can read her interview, where she explains more about that here.

She and those like her are my deepest passion and greatest source of inspiration,  the reason this blog exists. Those who are creating not for fame or fortune, but out of the deep desire to express themelves and share with others. Not to diss those who choose art as their vocation, but I’ve always admired the Picasso-next-do0r types. Those brilliantly creative souls who are perfectly content to remain below the radar.

 In my opinion,photography is so special because it is the reflection of beauty, ugliness, and everything in between passing through the eye of the beholder being reflected back at us. It is the majesty of the natural world captured and frozen in time. We live on GOD’S canvas, and everything that exists within it is extraordinary in ways that every eye is not trained to see.  We could all look at the same thing, but no two people will ever see that thing in the same way. Looking  at the world through Ms. Kasameyer’s eyes is……………

Teenagers by Bukutgirl

Orange Polka by Bukutgirl

Yet Another Liz Falling From Grace by Bukutgirl

Block Fire by Bukutgirl

My Home In East Baltimore by Bukutgirl

Light Tongue by Bukutgirl

Untitled by Bukutgirl

Untitled by Bukutgirl

Permanent Monday by Bukutgirl

Little Hons by Bukutgirl

Winter Sun Setting in a Tulip by Bukutgirl

The Girls Hold Up Traffic by Bukutgirl

Dawn in the Alley by Bukutgirl

Winter Tulips by Bukutgirl

Summer time in Pigtown by Bukutgirl

Junkyard Doll by Bukutgirl

See more dopeness from her here


One Response to “INSPIRATION: Liz Kasameyer aka Bukutgirl”

  1. Liz Kasameyer June 15, 2013 at 9:47 am #

    I’m really flattered! thank you! I hope you enjoy – def. a meaningful exp. for me! All my best, – LKB (aka bukutgirl)

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