Trip Like a Lady………

5 Aug

Lady Tripper aka Miss Jack Davey is as supremely badass as supreme badassness gets. I fell in love with her musicality by way of J Davey and then I fell in love with her personal style and guerilla fashion photo shoots by way of her blog. As a woman who appreciates a  woman who dresses to express (and by express I mean showcase her femininity in a way that is self-centered, socially neglegent, idividualistically gorgeous, and uniquely her own) her sensibilities with regards to what she wears and how she wears it blows my mind. As the name suggests, her new clothing and accessory line LadyTripper does too. In a very, very, very, good way………….

Joey Feather Charm Earring from LadyTrippeR

The Classic Hi Dye Tee by LadyTrippeR

Classic Lacer Back Dress by Lady TrippeR

That Lacer Back? Madness…………..will buy.

Shop LadyTrippeR

Peep the LookBook


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