Thoughts on Spirit, Flesh, and Sparring with GOD……..

19 Aug

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Yesterday, I spent about 4 hours on my floor. Yes, that’s right. 4 hours on my back, on the floor, in deep meditation…sparring with GOD, I call it.  Sometimes we all need to lay on the floor and ponder, pray, meditate, whatever you do. It is healing time for the soul. It’s not my intention to preach, or debate about what is right or what is wrong, what is true or what is false, but I do believe in GOD, and I do believe that when you seek you find. I don’t like being confused and yesterday confusion was my middle, first, and last name. I don’t like being afraid either, but I am deathly afraid of one thing and one thing only. I believe that everyone has their own journey, their own path and purpose in this life,  and if you don’t know yourself, deeply beyond what you feel you want to know, should know, or can know, you can spend a great deal of your life or the entirety of your life, never knowing the beauty of what it means to be authentically you, the creature you were designed and destined to be. That is my greatest fear. 

I stuggle to find myself outside of the boxes and across the lines that have been placed and drawn for me, by family, by society, by friends, by lovers, by strangers, by self. Everyday we travel through a complex web of projections and assumptions, patterns of behavior and expected modes of being.  There’s so many opinions on what we are supposed to do with it, how high of a regard we should place on earth and flesh. It is overwhelming at times, this thing called life. I wrote a poem last night….this line is the summation of all my current thoughts on life and living…..

I got no interest in being pure

no interest in being holy

I just want to be a human being

feel the weight of this flesh

and keep my spirit light and bright

like fire and air………. 

I came across these pictures by British artist Christopher Bucklow via the Trendland site. These photographs are from his famous collection entitled ‘Guests’. They portray everything I feel about humanity. I’ve  studied the human energy system for about 6 years now, and I’m still fascinated, still learning. If only we could see each other and allow each other to be  as we truly are, beings of light, of various tones and shades, all beautiful, all purposeful, all here, all guests, on a mission to feel and experience. If we are ,at the core, spirits playing the human game for the first and last time I often wonder If I will make the most of my stay. Will you?

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Photo By Christopher Bucklow


2 Responses to “Thoughts on Spirit, Flesh, and Sparring with GOD……..”

  1. Nikki August 19, 2010 at 11:21 am #

    Finally someone i can relate to

    • taeh August 19, 2010 at 2:42 pm #

      i’m glad i’ve shared something that you feel you can relate to, and i’m glad somebody got it…PEACE Nikki 😀

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