Earlin’ in the Evening……

1 Sep


She’s gorgeous,

When niggas see her

jaws hit the floor, so

when she left

it didn’t break my heart

it broke my torso…..

The first time I heard Luper was the event that pushed me from impartial spectator to official fan. Peace to Young H of Go In Radio for being the first one to put me on to OFWGKTA through our interview a while back. His last podcast is ill, as always, and features some of their joints, check it here. Now when it comes to rap crews, nobody likes to play favorites but you always end up having one. You know it goes. So as it stands I’ve come to possess a statutory-esque fascination with Earl Sweatshirt.  Dude is nasty. He’s already on par with emcees 10 years his senior as far as lyrics and flow are concerned. The music is hella good, but wait until they all can get into a club without it being teen night. I dig em though. It’s like Tribe Called Insane Clown Posse, Wu Jackass, cultural diffusion at it’s finest.  When I was the same age as these tikes , black  kids who were into alternative culture were looked at kind of like side-show oddities and there were little to no represenatives of that particular demographic in popular culture especially within the realm of hip-hop.  It’s fascinating  to witness the barrage of fresh creative idealogy spilling from the minds and souls of the MTV Generation as they mature.  Side note; is it just me or does California produce some of the most eclectic and verbally agile emcees in the U.S.? That might be reaching a little far but I wasn’t surprised when I heard these kids were from the left coast, as a matter of fact I kind of expected it. Is the weather? Something carried in the breeze coming off the Pacific maybe?


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