Who is Brooklyn’s Finest?

2 Sep

I was under the impression it was Don Cheadle and Wesley Snipes, but it seems I was mistaken. The Stuyvesants are laying claim to that title and I can’t knock them for it either. The music is ultra nice on several levels, there’s some real down-tempo, grooved- out, melodicness and some upbeat, funky, blaxplotation, solfulness as well. It’s good morning music for sure, I could see myself listening to this as I sipped tea and read the Times in my bathrobe before I headed out to stomp through the city on my Mary Tyler Moore. I’m always checking member Darien Victor Birk’s site and tumblr Flwrpt. Stimulating stuff to say the least. Is Brooklyn just a mecca for all things dope? I have a feeling I might find myself stalking the streets there sometime in the near future. So go on, enjoy some free music.


One Response to “Who is Brooklyn’s Finest?”

  1. cabrera stephan February 7, 2011 at 8:09 am #

    Great stuff c’est de la Bombe bébé, thanks for sharing these trax and vibes , luv it stuyvesants, tschuss

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