Pink Friday, Black Friday, Wack Friday, Schmack Friday……….

27 Dec

It’s been quite a while since I’ve felt the urge to blog, and that’s been perfectly alright with me, as I have been enjoying the transformations that have been taking place in and around me.  Since my last blog post, I’ve relocated from NC to CA, finally funnelled my many interests into a solid career path, found the courage to wholeheartedly pursue my deepest desires, and given up my need to KNOW the particulars of the road I’m traveling down and truly trust the journey. With all that said, I have missed writing in this space and hadn’t come across anything provocative enough to lure me out to play……….until I heard “Black Friday” by Lil Kim. Thank you Kim, for you have given me a valid reason to log into my wordpress and a topic which allows me to channel the disgust I’ve been feeling with popular culture and the mass media as a whole into a positive creative outlet.

 I was not impressed by Black Friday. Lil Kim’s “tongue lashing” did not get me excited as Globalgrind would have you believe. I wonder if this cancels me out as a true hip-hop head? I take no pleasure in watching a woman that I respect, that I grew up listening to, desperately trying to hold onto to the star of her youth. Clinging to scraps of faded glory, shredding them more and more, the harder she grips. It’s quite clear that Kim is mad, and it’s not because Nicki has failed to pay homage.  This “beef” is nothing more than the trainwreck that takes place when insecurity meets a threat, and any attempts at making it seem like anything less than that are insulting to my intelligence. Further more I’m tired of gimmicks and scandal being used as a means to maintain relevancy and divert the attention of the public, so the powers that be can continue the systematic dismantling of the black musician’s image while keeping the true power of the music safely contained.

 I admire the woman who passes into each decade of her life with grace and class.  These are the women we flock to for advice and support, which young women sorely need, because they’ve been there and done that. These are the women who make us yearn for the days when we too will be as confident, secure, and happy with ourselves and our positions in life as they are.  With Kim’s 35 years to Nicki’s 26 , you think she would be more prone to mentoring her than picking fights with her. You would think she would be wise enough to know what competition is and that she shouldn’t attempt it;  not because she can’t compete with young Nicki, but because she doesn’t have to, and for a woman of her stature it’s just plain poor taste.  

In Black Friday Kim says we need to, ” Cut the comparisons,” because she’s in the “legendary lane”.  Apparently not so. If  one is in the “legendary” lane wouldn’t they be too far ahead of to look back and even have the time to speak two words about the maneuvers of a rookie?  I realize that ‘diss records’ are a long standing quirk of the culture but……..I still say hatin’ is hatin’, and hatin’ is so not cool. I’d rather yall fist fight and get it over with, so you can get back to making music that actually speaks to the masses, moves somebody, touches somebody. Insecurities, fear, and hurt feelings masquerading as bravado does not do the job. 

 My heart aches for Kim, and the way the industry turns artists into cannibals makes my stomach turn.  The game moves on with or without some of it’s star players, but the game is just a sham, big buisness’s ruse to control the powerful and primal force musicians and artists weild, especially within the black community.  Fame is an alternate universe from which some people never escape. A universe where a woman goes from gracing the stages of packed stadiums full of fans thirsty to hear her voice, to dancing the Fox Trot in front of a studio audience, half of whom know nothing about her or her catalog aside from what they learned in Notorious.  The artist is no longer validated by the satisfaction of producing material that is important and meaningful to themselves, that is in turn important and meaningful to the ones they create for. They become the equivalent of their numbers, the byproduct of their buzz. They remain trapped in the image of themselves that catapulted them to superstardom long after the crowd has lost interest,  and it’s hard to watch…..and listen to. 

P.S.  I just have no comment on Foxy Brown and her Christmas Massacre…..none.


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    […] Damn Kim! Violent much? I know that battles and beef are a part of Hip-Hop, but it just kills me to see one of my sisters tearing down another. In Black Friday, Kim says we need to, “Cut the comparisons,” because she’s in the “legendary lane.” Apparently not so. If one is in the “legendary” lane, wouldn’t they be too far ahead of to look back and even have the time to speak two words about the maneuvers of a rookie?  -La Bombe Baby […]

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