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29 May
So I spotted this picture on somebody’s tumblr that I thought was really ill and upon clicking the original link was transported to the blog of Carnalus Vidal, and got my mind blown wide open. First things first, Vidal is an erotic photographer and with that being said his work is breathtaking… more ways than one. Genuinely arousing and beautiful work. I think I love him.

Penetration of Light






King Me…….

9 Mar


I saw this picture today and it’s one of those images that I just…….like. I could go on about the symbolism, the underlying themes, and all that but I’m currently working on a writing project right now so I’ll just keep it short and sweet. When I see this picture I think of  the fact that love is often times a battlefield, requiring a fierce weilding of the intellect that guards one’s heart from those unworthy to possess it. If love be a battlefield, be wise about your opponent. As you would in a game of chess…….

Thoughts on Spirit, Flesh, and Sparring with GOD……..

19 Aug

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Yesterday, I spent about 4 hours on my floor. Yes, that’s right. 4 hours on my back, on the floor, in deep meditation…sparring with GOD, I call it.  Sometimes we all need to lay on the floor and ponder, pray, meditate, whatever you do. It is healing time for the soul. It’s not my intention to preach, or debate about what is right or what is wrong, what is true or what is false, but I do believe in GOD, and I do believe that when you seek you find. I don’t like being confused and yesterday confusion was my middle, first, and last name. I don’t like being afraid either, but I am deathly afraid of one thing and one thing only. I believe that everyone has their own journey, their own path and purpose in this life,  and if you don’t know yourself, deeply beyond what you feel you want to know, should know, or can know, you can spend a great deal of your life or the entirety of your life, never knowing the beauty of what it means to be authentically you, the creature you were designed and destined to be. That is my greatest fear. 

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Can You Be My Daddy?

11 Aug

Shea Rose captured by Kloe York

I find this image to be, for lack of a better phrase, pretty damn epic. I want a print of this somewhere in my house. I spotted this photograph at bglhonline, a natural hair and beauty blog that I think is bomb, as part of  a feature on rising bad mammajamma Shea Rose. This beautiful piece of time was captured by the equally beautiful and  talented Ketsia Vedrine of Kloe York Photography, who is also one of my newfound life-muses. This image is part of her Rockumentary series.

 If you have visited this blog or my previous blog Hot Buttah Biskits and Gravy then you know that I have a BIG thing for the art of photography. I’ve done posts on Katie West, Mel D. Cole, Peter Dean Rickards and Nia Mora to name a few.  I was struck by this particular photo immediately. It radiates a  sensualism, eroticism even, grounded in the immortality of Bob Marley’s  grand appeal and in a larger context verbalizes the part of the female soul that doesn’t mind being subdued and coddled by the masculinity of her lover.

 I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who did not want to jump Mr. Marley’s bones; black, white, latino, asian, rocker chick, uptown girl or thug miss. There is no room for discussion. Bob was IT honey. He’s like the jamaican Brad Pitt.  Every woman who has ever seen him and/or heard his raggamuffin wail gliding through a pair of speakers probably harbors an immortal dream of being in the very predicament depicted above. This picture loudly beckons me to fantasize. I can imagine crawling up into his lap and burying my head underneath a curtain of locs. I can almost feel his chest underneath the palm of my hand and his honey-glazed skin resting against my upper lip as I breathed in his scent, which I imagine would be something kind of like sunshine, coconut water, good skunk and superb manliness.  Perhaps I could convince him to sing to me, or maybe he would just rock me slowly as I watched the sun set over the sprawling hills. Twista, I now understand how a grown woman could be moved to say something so incestuous and ridiculous to a man.

Interesting fact, I used to date someone who had quite a way with the ladies and while researching our astrological compatibility( i’m a student of the astrological sciences) I discovered both he and Bob were born on the same day, Feburary 6th aka The Day of Popularity. Gary Goldschneider’s ‘The Secret Language of Birthdays‘ says this of those born on February 6th ” In attempting to explain the popularity of those born on this day, one might find that good looks, charm, and an outgoing manner are at work, but surely the ability to strike a common chord in the hearts of others is something almost all February 6th people have in common.”  He also goes on to say, ” Those born on the 6th day of the month are ruled by the number 6. Those ruled by the number 6 are magnetic in attracting both sympathy and admiration…..For those born on this day the added influence of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) on Venus lends an erratic and labile emotional life, in which they can be quickly swept of their feet.” This knowledge combined with the knowledge of Bob’s dating history and my beau’s status as a ‘ladies man’ left me feeling more than a little unsure about the stability of  his commitment to me.  To say the least, it didn’t last long.

INSPIRATION: Liz Kasameyer aka Bukutgirl

7 Jul

One day, as I was browsing an online photography tutorial about portraits, I found myself intrigued by a featured image credited with the name ‘Bukutgirl’  After doing further research, I found that this ‘Bukutgirl’ was  Liz Kasameyer of Baltimore, MD. Her portrait work was featured on the 6 Million People blog . This blog was a photo project designed to give tribute to the 6 million Jewish men, women and children who lost their lives in the Holocaust by the collection and posting of 6 million portraits from the best of Flickr. Ms. Kasameyer was artist spotlight number 7 ,week 17. Off to Flickr I went in search of more pieces from her collection and I fell in love . I was also fascinated by the fact that she had no aspirations of having a career in photography. You can read her interview, where she explains more about that here.

She and those like her are my deepest passion and greatest source of inspiration,  the reason this blog exists. Those who are creating not for fame or fortune, but out of the deep desire to express themelves and share with others. Not to diss those who choose art as their vocation, but I’ve always admired the Picasso-next-do0r types. Those brilliantly creative souls who are perfectly content to remain below the radar.

 In my opinion,photography is so special because it is the reflection of beauty, ugliness, and everything in between passing through the eye of the beholder being reflected back at us. It is the majesty of the natural world captured and frozen in time. We live on GOD’S canvas, and everything that exists within it is extraordinary in ways that every eye is not trained to see.  We could all look at the same thing, but no two people will ever see that thing in the same way. Looking  at the world through Ms. Kasameyer’s eyes is……………

Teenagers by Bukutgirl

Orange Polka by Bukutgirl

Yet Another Liz Falling From Grace by Bukutgirl

Block Fire by Bukutgirl

My Home In East Baltimore by Bukutgirl

Light Tongue by Bukutgirl

Untitled by Bukutgirl

Untitled by Bukutgirl

Permanent Monday by Bukutgirl

Little Hons by Bukutgirl

Winter Sun Setting in a Tulip by Bukutgirl

The Girls Hold Up Traffic by Bukutgirl

Dawn in the Alley by Bukutgirl

Winter Tulips by Bukutgirl

Summer time in Pigtown by Bukutgirl

Junkyard Doll by Bukutgirl

See more dopeness from her here

Look! Titties!

6 Jul

You probably thought this was going to be some sort of pornographic post to satisfy your carnal lusts didn’t you? Well, you’re wrong. I am going to post some tasteful pics  that follow the theme though, but I really just wanted to talk about the joys(and pains) of being topless. Since my humble B cups don’t really shake-it and jiggle-it all that much, I try not to wear a bra as much as I can get away with. You fellas got it easy, you can’t get arrested for letting your man breasts out in public even if they resemble the tiggest of tig-ol-bitties and most of your undergarments are just really comfortable to wear. Our panties and brassieres might be pretty jazzy, but you all are provided with more options that allow you to be a little more closer to nature. I find most undergarments to be too restrictive for my taste and during these summer months it gets a little sweaty under there. Can you say ewww?  Yes at times they are very necessary, like when you want to get your Dita Von Teese on, when you’re on you’re monthly, or if you’re wearing a mini skirt; there are some brave ladies however who let it all hang  out no matter the length of what they wear or their cupsize and I say it’s all to the good.  I wish everybody could be more comfortable with the human body in it’s natural state.  We have breasts and vaginas and penises; deal with it, embrace it, love it, then get over it and perhaps after you do that seeing a woman’s ‘headlights’ through her t-shirt wouldn’t be such a big deal. Last weekend I went to go see the fantastical Plies at Fayetteville hot spot Chocolate City (literally a hot spot, it was about 300 degrees in there). I was bra-less and sweaty and I kind of had the wet t-shirt contest look going on. So this security guard says to me, “Oooh I can see your nipples, and they look good.” Now this guy had to be about 40 years old and he ‘ooohed’ my nipples like he just saw a pig fly out the crack of my ass. I mean maybe I’m just crude like that but I’m extremely comfortable with my body to the point where a little headlight action or the sillohuette of my bra-less breasts under my shirt really doesn’t strike me as obscene or cause for overt attention. Many women of the curvier persuasion have been conditioned into being ashamed of and/or camouflaging their shapley figures. Just because we have bodies we are subjected to all types of  weirdness from the immature to the frightening.  I got a butt, thighs, hips, and a nice set on me…..and? I’m a woman, hello!  Censorship has ruined our relationship with nudity in this country.  To all you men out there who are reduced to 2 year olds  when they see a little more than they’re used to; act like you’re knowledgeble about female anatomy, get your glance if you must , and just keep it moving.  I mean come on man, it’s just titties!!!!!!

Ibrahim Baaith

Sarah Small

S. Badiyah Austin

Josh Daniel



Ibrahim Baaith

Sarah Small

S. Badiyah Austin

Josh Daniel


Tiombe In Nature

21 Jun

I’ve posted about photographer Tone before, as he’s one of the photographers whose work I respect, admire, and look to for pleasure and inspiration. I try not to post about the same person twice, but I’m a sucker for nature shots and these pictures featuring Cubic Zirconia front woman Tiombe Lockhart  in all her shadow-cloaked loveliness are the buisness.

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