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29 May
So I spotted this picture on somebody’s tumblr that I thought was really ill and upon clicking the original link was transported to the blog of Carnalus Vidal, and got my mind blown wide open. First things first, Vidal is an erotic photographer and with that being said his work is breathtaking…..in more ways than one. Genuinely arousing and beautiful work. I think I love him.

Penetration of Light






EYEGASM: Sex Tape [Deftones]

26 Mar

Directed by ZFCL this is one of the most interesting and beautiful pieces of cinematic artistry I’ve seen. Their website is dope too. They make my inner candy kid very happy.

ART BY: Mitsy Avila Ovalles

24 Mar

March 18th, The California Institute of Integral studies ended it’s exhibit ChicaChic/La Nueva Onda, The New Wave of Chicana Art. Promotional posters had been plastered up all over Oakland Bart stations since early February and every time I saw them I stopped.

Conceptually, the show looked like it would be phenomenal. Consisting of works from five contemporary Chicana artists, the pieces featured articulated the perspectives of these young women raised in the Bay area on the heels of the Chicano Civil Rights movement. Issues of culture, identity, power, protest, race, gender, and sexuality would be explored by this eclectic and talented group of female artists. I could dig it. 

I’ve always been fascinated by people, the ways they choose to express themselves, and the things these expressions tell us, the things we interpret about that person. From their style of dress to the peculiarities of dialect, the gait in their walk to the staple foods of their diet; we form the picture of who people are from these things. Yet this is only the superficial and sometimes misleading outer dermis that protects the more subtle and less controlled inner mechanisms. I never made the time to go and see the artwork, procrastination is a mutha, but in conducting some research I found the artist whose work  on the posters drew the bulk of my interest . Her name is Mitsy Avila Ovalles. After reading her blog I knew there was a reason I liked her.On top of being ill with the art, Ms. Ovalles is pretty witty, and shares my musical sensibilities. Like attracts like, no? Below are some of my favorite digital drawings from her portfolio courtesy of her site which is here. Check her blog here.

E40 by Mitsy Avila Ovalles

E40 by Mitsy Avila Ovalles


Nancy by Mitsy Avila Ovalles

Nancy by Mitsy Avila Ovalles

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Thoughts on Spirit, Flesh, and Sparring with GOD……..

19 Aug

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Yesterday, I spent about 4 hours on my floor. Yes, that’s right. 4 hours on my back, on the floor, in deep meditation…sparring with GOD, I call it.  Sometimes we all need to lay on the floor and ponder, pray, meditate, whatever you do. It is healing time for the soul. It’s not my intention to preach, or debate about what is right or what is wrong, what is true or what is false, but I do believe in GOD, and I do believe that when you seek you find. I don’t like being confused and yesterday confusion was my middle, first, and last name. I don’t like being afraid either, but I am deathly afraid of one thing and one thing only. I believe that everyone has their own journey, their own path and purpose in this life,  and if you don’t know yourself, deeply beyond what you feel you want to know, should know, or can know, you can spend a great deal of your life or the entirety of your life, never knowing the beauty of what it means to be authentically you, the creature you were designed and destined to be. That is my greatest fear. 

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Concep Says Black Is Beautiful

10 Aug

The artist Tony Concep

Master Teacher by Tony Concep

Hmmmmm, what can I say about Tony Concep ? In my humble opinion this man is one of the greatest African-American artists of my generation….strip away his ethnic affiliation and he would still be one of the greatest artists of my generation.  There are some people who have been  blessed with the ability to bless others through the works of their hands and this young man harbors such a gift.  

He is a microcosm of creativity unto himself;  he dances,  paints,  dabbles in prose,  designs clothing and , in no easy feat, is a master of all of his trades. I visit his blog often as I find it to be an abundant source of inspiration and knowledge, the sincere ramblings of a man doing his best to navigate this journey and share the bits and pieces of joy and sorrow and confusion and enlightenment he finds along the way. He calls his latest collection of paintings ‘The Darkside ‘, and for this collection he is using canvas that he has blacked out with gesso. When I first looked as the works he had completed,  my initial thought was ‘Black is Beautiful’.  I am not suggesting that other cultures do not love color as much as we, but the use of color to enhance our physical appearence, dwelings, and clothing has always been a strong  trait within our culture. Black folks  have an innate sense of style,  a striking aestheticism that I thank mother Africa for every day.  I find the the kaleidiscope of colors he uses against the black canvas as eye-catching and beautiful as I find hot pink, lime green, fire engine red, salmon, plum, burnt orange, gold, and electric blue garments against black/brown skin, as beautiful as the varying pigmentations of my people and the richness and complexity of our culture and collective  history which gains a new page with each passing day.  Below are pictures by photo-documentarian Phyllis Galembo. They are portraits of the various peoples of different cultures throughout the African diaspora……..look at them, then look at the canvas again. Do you see what I see?

Photo by Phyllis Galembo

Photo by Phyllis Galembo

Photo by Phylllis Galembo

Photo by Phyllis Galembo

Photo by Phyllis Galembo

Photo by Phyllis Galembo

Photo by Phyllis Galembo

Photo By Phyllis Galembo

Photo by Phyllis Galembo

INTROducing: TokyoBombay

9 Jul

When I decided to cease posting on my former blog, I did so with the intent that the next site I created would be more in line with my orginal intent for beginning a blog in the first place. My vision was to create a space that explored and celebrated the creative spirit, finding and posting that which I deemed to be artistic expression in it’s purest form. The only thing more important than art, is the people who create it and the audience for whom they create, and I wanted it to be as much about the people as it was about the art itself.  When I began my journey in blogging I became active on social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook and found myself coming into contact with creators from coast to coast. Entrepreneurs, poets, dancers, designers, writers, painters, singers, and emcees all became part of my network; hungry artiststs, like myself, who took notice of me and reached out, in the hopes that I would notice them too and reach back. I must admit that I became blinded by my own eagerness to gain a following, to compete with the many sites already in existence in the blogosphere garnering more attention than my own. In that state I began to loose focus, I began to overlook the many who had come into my field of vision for  people and things that were a little more ‘high profile’ and would generate more pageviews. I began to conform and needless to say, I couldn’t continue on in that mode of thought for too long.  I told myself that with La Bombe Baby, I would not allow myself to go back to that place and that this time I was going to do it right, do it my way. Enter TokyoBombay. I came across this young man on Twitter after becoming curious about a particular tweet of his urging people to check out his new blog and join and/or support “The Hunger Movement”. I checked it out and immediately felt the pang of recognition one feels when they come into the presence of a kindred spirit. This supremely talented young artist, game developer, fashion designer, AND graphic designer shared a vision very similar to my own. He was sending out a impassioned S.O.S. to all other artists; young, gifted and hungry artists.  He wanted to connect with them, he wanted to put them on, he wanted to claim his place in this world and he wanted his brothers and sisters in arms right by his side. TokyoBombay is a man equipped with a drive and creativity that is as admirable as it is inspiring and he is on a mission that I have no doubt he will fufill to the highest degree. He is the first person that I have had the opportunity to interview for this site and quite frankly I don’t think I could’ve found a more perfect representative of what La Bombe Baby is all about. It is with great pleasure, esteem, and excitement that I introduce to you, TokyoBombay……..

LBB: Alright, brother first off I want to say that I’m very excited to be talking to you right now. You’re “Hunger Movement” is something that I identify very strongly with and I definitely want to delve deeper into that but first things first, introductions. What’s your name, where are you from and what do you represent?

TB: No doubt, that’s what it is…well I go By the Name TokyoBombay and I’m from NYC, the Bronx and Harlem both places I was raised in and I represent that new wave of true talent in both a physical and intellectual aspect. I represent that hunger to get better and all the while wow you with my already present work. I represent a  vicissitude in the art scene to where its time for the old gods of this industry to fall and the new wave of talent to step up. I represent change.

LBB: I know that’s right, that’s a pretty powerful statement. I’m intrigued by the fact that, for you, the expression of your talent manifests both in the physical and intellectual. Can you explain that concept to me a little further, what is your concept of “intellectual talent”?

TB: Well to me its an understanding of the connection (due to the fact that I’m an artist), between the pencil strokes you use and the effect it will have on the eye or just the understanding that there is a lot of manifesting that goes into art.

LBB: Manifesting of ideas, thoughts, emotions and the like?

TB: Yes… exactly

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INSPIRATION: Liz Kasameyer aka Bukutgirl

7 Jul

One day, as I was browsing an online photography tutorial about portraits, I found myself intrigued by a featured image credited with the name ‘Bukutgirl’  After doing further research, I found that this ‘Bukutgirl’ was  Liz Kasameyer of Baltimore, MD. Her portrait work was featured on the 6 Million People blog . This blog was a photo project designed to give tribute to the 6 million Jewish men, women and children who lost their lives in the Holocaust by the collection and posting of 6 million portraits from the best of Flickr. Ms. Kasameyer was artist spotlight number 7 ,week 17. Off to Flickr I went in search of more pieces from her collection and I fell in love . I was also fascinated by the fact that she had no aspirations of having a career in photography. You can read her interview, where she explains more about that here.

She and those like her are my deepest passion and greatest source of inspiration,  the reason this blog exists. Those who are creating not for fame or fortune, but out of the deep desire to express themelves and share with others. Not to diss those who choose art as their vocation, but I’ve always admired the Picasso-next-do0r types. Those brilliantly creative souls who are perfectly content to remain below the radar.

 In my opinion,photography is so special because it is the reflection of beauty, ugliness, and everything in between passing through the eye of the beholder being reflected back at us. It is the majesty of the natural world captured and frozen in time. We live on GOD’S canvas, and everything that exists within it is extraordinary in ways that every eye is not trained to see.  We could all look at the same thing, but no two people will ever see that thing in the same way. Looking  at the world through Ms. Kasameyer’s eyes is……………

Teenagers by Bukutgirl

Orange Polka by Bukutgirl

Yet Another Liz Falling From Grace by Bukutgirl

Block Fire by Bukutgirl

My Home In East Baltimore by Bukutgirl

Light Tongue by Bukutgirl

Untitled by Bukutgirl

Untitled by Bukutgirl

Permanent Monday by Bukutgirl

Little Hons by Bukutgirl

Winter Sun Setting in a Tulip by Bukutgirl

The Girls Hold Up Traffic by Bukutgirl

Dawn in the Alley by Bukutgirl

Winter Tulips by Bukutgirl

Summer time in Pigtown by Bukutgirl

Junkyard Doll by Bukutgirl

See more dopeness from her here