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MUSEic: Casey Hurt

31 Mar

I had the privilege of interviewing the supremely talented singer-songwriter Casey Hurt for YNLA Mag. This dude is a problem, he’s got a jazzy, soulful, acoustic thing going on and if you love any of those genres or just good music in general, you definitely need to know who he is. His new album Mended Souls will be dropping April 9th. SUPPORT TRUE ARTISTS! You can read my interview with him here. Below is a sexy little number off of his new album entitled Sing To You. Enjoy……


INTROducing: Young H

13 Aug

I must say friends, as of lately, life has been pretty nifty. I’m fast approaching my move to the left coast and I’ve been able to resuscitate my passion for blogging with a vengeance that has surpassed even my own expectations. However, it is the fact that I was able to go in with the master of going in, that is the proverbial cherry on top of my sundae right now.

My first encounter with Young H was quite serindipitous. One day I just so happened to check out this blog that I had never heard of, and just so happened to click on an article by a writer I had never heard of , and the rest is now well documented history. For me , reading his blog post was like finding a precious jewel in pile of cow dung . I was so moved by the eloquence and craftmanship of his piece that I commented, which is something I rarely do, and professed my allegiance to the site solely off the strength of  what I had just read. It has been on few occasions that I’ve come across a writer/blogger whose work has captivated me to the point where I actually read slowly. I’m  a speed reader and I’ll often skip or skim over sections of text that don’t interest me, and I get bored very easily.

I was more than intrigued, and as any tech savvy person would do ,I googled him baby, and fell into the world of Young H, founder of Go In Radio, hip-hop intellectual, music lover, writer extraordinaire ( even if he doesn’t think so), and all around cool cat. We began to exchange pleasantries on Twitter and that brought us to our present relationship status as interviewer and interviewee.

I must say I was mad nervous as the time to begin our interview drew near. I got the feeling that he would be the type to verbally chin check me if I came with some run-of-the-mill wackness so I was determined to come with my A game and engage him as cleverly as I could.  To my surprise Young H was disarmingly humble, graciously receptive, delightfully talkative, and most of all, gave me free reign to go in. So sit back, relax, and get to know a little more about Young H………..

La Bombe Baby: So Young H, the man, the myth, the legend…I’m extremely excited to be talking to you tonight. As you may remember, I electronically threw my panties at you a while back after reading your now ‘infamous’ post on Potholes In My Blog, you gained quite a bit of attention for that piece, have you gained any other groupies, besides myself?

Young H: Oh boy, this is how you start off an interview

LBB: Yeah, I try…..

YH: I got a lot of attention from simply speaking my mind on that topic, people have known me for speaking my mind on varying topics for years but I guess that really struck a chord and it went a lot further than I thought it would. To answer your question, no I didnt really gain any groupies. I don’t really make that big a deal of myself or buy into the idea of that piece being a big deal where other people might have.

LBB: Well for me it was certainly a big deal specifically because of how well written it was, I didn’t even really care too much about the topic (not to say I didn’t find it interesting) but I was just floored by the quality of your writing, it rejuvenated me in the sense that it showed there is a place for quality writing in the blogging world, but then again you’re not a fucking blogger are you? To you what is the difference between a blogger who writes and a writer who blogs, if there is any difference at all.

YH: Well, really when I came up with the name of my personal site it was for the sake of having a catchy title and I was shocked no one else had the URL already. But really it was kind of taking a shot at folks like the “bloggers” I went at in that now quasi-legendary piece. A widely read publication came up with lists of their top 50 bloggers, many of whom get a lot of traffic just for posting up music they’re sent. Blogs are powerful sources of information and I guess technically anything with a WordPress re-direct can be called a blog, but (when I can make time) if I’m discussing Hip-Hop (one of the most important things in the world to me) I try to bring material of substance. Not that the big name bloggers don’t write, but one of my targets is lauded for starting up controversy, and people love the other because they break new music. 

I’m hardly the jealous type, I just wasn’t feeling the atmosphere of Hip-Hop blogging for a while and spoke up about it. Do your thing, but if that’s what it means to be a blogger then I’m not a fucking blogger. As for you complimenting my writing, much obliged, but I still definitely feel like I have a ways to go because it isn’t a natural talent of mine. It takes a lot out of me and some days I struggle to find the passion for it.

LBB: I’m very shocked to hear that writing, for you, is not a natural talent because it definitely doesn’t come across that way. I’ve read some of your pieces over at 215 Magazine and they’re brilliantly written as well; witty, engaging, informative, and well researched. How did you fall into Hip-Hop journalism?

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