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14 Jun


Sunday I went to the rally held in downtown Oakland protesting the release of Johannes Mehserle , the Bart cop who murdered Oscar Grant in front of crowds transiting through Fruitvale Station early morning New Years day 2009. I am a recent resident of California and an even more recent resident of Oakland. I live in the Fruitvale area and I was sickened and saddened the more I came to know about this particular miscarriage of justice. All the same, and I hate to say it, but this is not anything new.  Desensitization is at an all time high and  I can say from personal experience that the barrage of blatant abuses of our human and civil rights can be numbing. It seems like every time I turn around there is another story about police brutality. Another life gone. Another exclusive clip taken from a security camera or cell phone of the police beating the crap out of young black and brown men and women ,or a wheelchair bound drunks, or in instances like the tragedy that took place at the Fruitvale Bart, murdering unarmed civilians. Being someone who has felt outrage concerning the wrongful deaths  and beatings of my people at the hands of thugs with badges,  and the system’s disregard for the value of our LIVES,  I wanted to go and be a physical presence at this event.

It was peaceful with few casualties, as I believe there were a few arrests made during the march to downtown.  The experience was phenomenal for the most part. There were some low points. There were a few folks that seemed motivated to grab the mic for personal gain rather than being genuinely moved by the sentiment of the occasion. Mistah Fab was pretty much booed during his whole speech and the crowd momentarily dipped into bicker mode when a young man stepped to the mic calling people out for getting on Mistah Fab’s case. Overall I picked up on a sense of people wanting to feel the heat and fire of protest but not necessarily wanting to listen to people who stepped to the podium and spoke with general calm and introspection.

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29 May
So I spotted this picture on somebody’s tumblr that I thought was really ill and upon clicking the original link was transported to the blog of Carnalus Vidal, and got my mind blown wide open. First things first, Vidal is an erotic photographer and with that being said his work is breathtaking…..in more ways than one. Genuinely arousing and beautiful work. I think I love him.

Penetration of Light






30 Mar

Been taking the photography a little more seriously and actually getting out to do some test shots. Right now I have no formal training, but I’ve been working on subject matter and composition. Lighting and other techniques will come later. I’m working with a Nikon Cool Pix, so the quality isn’t that great, but I still like the end results. These were taken a couple of months ago during my first stroll down Telegraph Ave in Oakland.  Oakland has a beautiful street art culture. There’s so much passion and creativity on display on trash cans, walls, newspaper dispensers; it’s very inspiring. The imagery in these three pieces was very powerful to me. I have an affinity for R.I.P murals as morbid as that might be. You can sense the love that goes into the creation of something like that. It’s truly a monumental way to honor the passing of a loved one, and everyone who has the chance to view that feels that energy in one way or another. This is an ongoing series so I’l be posting more pics soon. 

Artist Unknown


Artist Unknown


R.I.P Anthony Fossett

King Me…….

9 Mar


I saw this picture today and it’s one of those images that I just…….like. I could go on about the symbolism, the underlying themes, and all that but I’m currently working on a writing project right now so I’ll just keep it short and sweet. When I see this picture I think of  the fact that love is often times a battlefield, requiring a fierce weilding of the intellect that guards one’s heart from those unworthy to possess it. If love be a battlefield, be wise about your opponent. As you would in a game of chess…….

Thoughts on Spirit, Flesh, and Sparring with GOD……..

19 Aug

Photo by Christopher Bucklow

Yesterday, I spent about 4 hours on my floor. Yes, that’s right. 4 hours on my back, on the floor, in deep meditation…sparring with GOD, I call it.  Sometimes we all need to lay on the floor and ponder, pray, meditate, whatever you do. It is healing time for the soul. It’s not my intention to preach, or debate about what is right or what is wrong, what is true or what is false, but I do believe in GOD, and I do believe that when you seek you find. I don’t like being confused and yesterday confusion was my middle, first, and last name. I don’t like being afraid either, but I am deathly afraid of one thing and one thing only. I believe that everyone has their own journey, their own path and purpose in this life,  and if you don’t know yourself, deeply beyond what you feel you want to know, should know, or can know, you can spend a great deal of your life or the entirety of your life, never knowing the beauty of what it means to be authentically you, the creature you were designed and destined to be. That is my greatest fear. 

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Can You Be My Daddy?

11 Aug

Shea Rose captured by Kloe York

I find this image to be, for lack of a better phrase, pretty damn epic. I want a print of this somewhere in my house. I spotted this photograph at bglhonline, a natural hair and beauty blog that I think is bomb, as part of  a feature on rising bad mammajamma Shea Rose. This beautiful piece of time was captured by the equally beautiful and  talented Ketsia Vedrine of Kloe York Photography, who is also one of my newfound life-muses. This image is part of her Rockumentary series.

 If you have visited this blog or my previous blog Hot Buttah Biskits and Gravy then you know that I have a BIG thing for the art of photography. I’ve done posts on Katie West, Mel D. Cole, Peter Dean Rickards and Nia Mora to name a few.  I was struck by this particular photo immediately. It radiates a  sensualism, eroticism even, grounded in the immortality of Bob Marley’s  grand appeal and in a larger context verbalizes the part of the female soul that doesn’t mind being subdued and coddled by the masculinity of her lover.

 I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who did not want to jump Mr. Marley’s bones; black, white, latino, asian, rocker chick, uptown girl or thug miss. There is no room for discussion. Bob was IT honey. He’s like the jamaican Brad Pitt.  Every woman who has ever seen him and/or heard his raggamuffin wail gliding through a pair of speakers probably harbors an immortal dream of being in the very predicament depicted above. This picture loudly beckons me to fantasize. I can imagine crawling up into his lap and burying my head underneath a curtain of locs. I can almost feel his chest underneath the palm of my hand and his honey-glazed skin resting against my upper lip as I breathed in his scent, which I imagine would be something kind of like sunshine, coconut water, good skunk and superb manliness.  Perhaps I could convince him to sing to me, or maybe he would just rock me slowly as I watched the sun set over the sprawling hills. Twista, I now understand how a grown woman could be moved to say something so incestuous and ridiculous to a man.

Interesting fact, I used to date someone who had quite a way with the ladies and while researching our astrological compatibility( i’m a student of the astrological sciences) I discovered both he and Bob were born on the same day, Feburary 6th aka The Day of Popularity. Gary Goldschneider’s ‘The Secret Language of Birthdays‘ says this of those born on February 6th ” In attempting to explain the popularity of those born on this day, one might find that good looks, charm, and an outgoing manner are at work, but surely the ability to strike a common chord in the hearts of others is something almost all February 6th people have in common.”  He also goes on to say, ” Those born on the 6th day of the month are ruled by the number 6. Those ruled by the number 6 are magnetic in attracting both sympathy and admiration…..For those born on this day the added influence of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) on Venus lends an erratic and labile emotional life, in which they can be quickly swept of their feet.” This knowledge combined with the knowledge of Bob’s dating history and my beau’s status as a ‘ladies man’ left me feeling more than a little unsure about the stability of  his commitment to me.  To say the least, it didn’t last long.

INTROducing: TokyoBombay

9 Jul

When I decided to cease posting on my former blog, I did so with the intent that the next site I created would be more in line with my orginal intent for beginning a blog in the first place. My vision was to create a space that explored and celebrated the creative spirit, finding and posting that which I deemed to be artistic expression in it’s purest form. The only thing more important than art, is the people who create it and the audience for whom they create, and I wanted it to be as much about the people as it was about the art itself.  When I began my journey in blogging I became active on social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook and found myself coming into contact with creators from coast to coast. Entrepreneurs, poets, dancers, designers, writers, painters, singers, and emcees all became part of my network; hungry artiststs, like myself, who took notice of me and reached out, in the hopes that I would notice them too and reach back. I must admit that I became blinded by my own eagerness to gain a following, to compete with the many sites already in existence in the blogosphere garnering more attention than my own. In that state I began to loose focus, I began to overlook the many who had come into my field of vision for  people and things that were a little more ‘high profile’ and would generate more pageviews. I began to conform and needless to say, I couldn’t continue on in that mode of thought for too long.  I told myself that with La Bombe Baby, I would not allow myself to go back to that place and that this time I was going to do it right, do it my way. Enter TokyoBombay. I came across this young man on Twitter after becoming curious about a particular tweet of his urging people to check out his new blog and join and/or support “The Hunger Movement”. I checked it out and immediately felt the pang of recognition one feels when they come into the presence of a kindred spirit. This supremely talented young artist, game developer, fashion designer, AND graphic designer shared a vision very similar to my own. He was sending out a impassioned S.O.S. to all other artists; young, gifted and hungry artists.  He wanted to connect with them, he wanted to put them on, he wanted to claim his place in this world and he wanted his brothers and sisters in arms right by his side. TokyoBombay is a man equipped with a drive and creativity that is as admirable as it is inspiring and he is on a mission that I have no doubt he will fufill to the highest degree. He is the first person that I have had the opportunity to interview for this site and quite frankly I don’t think I could’ve found a more perfect representative of what La Bombe Baby is all about. It is with great pleasure, esteem, and excitement that I introduce to you, TokyoBombay……..

LBB: Alright, brother first off I want to say that I’m very excited to be talking to you right now. You’re “Hunger Movement” is something that I identify very strongly with and I definitely want to delve deeper into that but first things first, introductions. What’s your name, where are you from and what do you represent?

TB: No doubt, that’s what it is…well I go By the Name TokyoBombay and I’m from NYC, the Bronx and Harlem both places I was raised in and I represent that new wave of true talent in both a physical and intellectual aspect. I represent that hunger to get better and all the while wow you with my already present work. I represent a  vicissitude in the art scene to where its time for the old gods of this industry to fall and the new wave of talent to step up. I represent change.

LBB: I know that’s right, that’s a pretty powerful statement. I’m intrigued by the fact that, for you, the expression of your talent manifests both in the physical and intellectual. Can you explain that concept to me a little further, what is your concept of “intellectual talent”?

TB: Well to me its an understanding of the connection (due to the fact that I’m an artist), between the pencil strokes you use and the effect it will have on the eye or just the understanding that there is a lot of manifesting that goes into art.

LBB: Manifesting of ideas, thoughts, emotions and the like?

TB: Yes… exactly

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